Club Rules & Protocols

We would like all members to feel comfortable knowing what they can expect. So, to help you, here you will find more detail about the Club Rules, etiquette and protocols observed by members of the Royal Air Force Yacht Club.

A copy of the Articles of Association is always available for reference in the club. An online copy is held here as a service to members.

RAFYC Articles of Association 2016

Club Rules and Bylaws Oct 2017

Royal Warrant, Club Burgee and Battle Flags

Abridged from the Club Rules: As a privileged yacht club, the RAFYC has been authorised to fly a defaced Blue Ensign from its own premises and for those members who comply with the terms of our Royal Warrant. Only Full Members may opt to fly a Blue Ensign who are boat owners and who are aboard their non-commercial vessel and only in accordance with the warrant that must be carried on the boat. It must only be flown at certain times of the day fro 0800 BST and lowered at Sunset in accordance with the warrant.

A Club Burgee can be flown by full and temporary members. Club burgees must be flown when the Ensign is flown and are normally flown from the starboard cross tree or the highest part of the mast that is reasonable. Some Club Officer positions attract a unique burgee to signify their role.

A Battle Flag may be flown by members on rallies.


RAFYC Blue ensignDeface Blue Ensign 1 Club BurgeeRAFYC_Burgee_Trans_SM
Battle Flagbattleflag The Admiral’s Flag is a rectangular light blue flag incorporating superimposed red, white and blue discs with, in gold, The Royal Air Force Eagle holding an anchor in its claw.

Commodore: Light blue swallow-tailed Pennant with red, white and blue discs superimposedVice-Commodore: As Commodore’s Pennant, but with one white ball

Rear Commodores: As Commodore’s Pennant, but with two white balls

Past Commodores: As Commodore’s Pennant, but with a white cross in the first Canton


Dress Code

Dress code in the Club is normally clean, tidy, shore-going wear with tailored shorts being allowed 1st May to 30th September and in the winter during the day only before 1900 hrs. The rules also state no bare feet or oilskins, coats or sea boots in the bar, dining area or lounge. (these items can be secured in the locking racks outside the changing rooms).

For organised events, the dress code is normally signified by (C) Casual, (J&T) Jacket and Tie for gentlemen, (F) Formal wear.


Guests are welcome in the club and grounds, in your company and you must first sign them in the guest book.

Car Park

We do ask that your consideration is given to the proper use of the car park. Only members’ cars issued with the current permit may use the facility. Should you be absent for a long period, you may wish to leave your keys securely with the office in the event that your vehicle needs to be moved. Improper use causes a significant detriment to fellow members.

Guests aren’t entitled to use the parking facilities unless prior permission was granted. Please contact the office in advance for any such request to be considered.

From time to time, non-members for example, people who have booked our events facilities, may be granted use of a specific number of spaces, at times that the club is generally not busy.

Prince Philip Yacht Haven

To ensure the mutual convenience and enjoyment of our newly opened, walk-ashore facilities in the Price Philip Yacht Haven, access to and use of are subject to a set of rules, which can be found here.