The Government edicts on re-opening everything are being followed by the Commodore, Flag Officers and Board members very closely! We have even been taking a peek at what has happened in Spain, Sweden and Israel, best not to dwell on that one, didn’t go according to plan in Tel Aviv. According to Sky News, it didn’t end well, so we’ll take that as the “How not to do it version”!

DINGHY PARK AND STICKERS Back to matters nautical. I have been sleuthing around in the dinghy park, as previously reported, and am not finding that many 2020 stickers. As already mentioned, because of the small interruption of normal life there is going to be a bit of a period of reflection, until the end of June.

Having spoken with Leanne at some length on the matter of little blue 2020 payment discs and their whereabouts, we both believe that the discs that you don’t have in your hands may be found in the Members Filing Cabinet at the Club.

The way it will work will be that all members with dinghies and inflatable dinghies in the Tender and Dinghy compound/park who have not yet fixed their sticker to their dinghy, indicating that they are ‘Street Legal’ have until the end of June to pop down, peer in the relevant space in the filing cabinet for your sticker, and affix it to your tender/ dinghy. After that it will get interesting! If you have been down already and could not find a sticker then contact Leanne sometime between 09-00 and 17-00 Monday to Friday and a deal can be struck. We have people who wish to put tenders/ dinghies in the parking area and there are now some highly vulnerable, now illegal, dinghies blocking spaces in the park.

LAUNCH SERVICE In an effort to bring some normalcy to our world, we are, as of this weekend instituting the full Launch Service on Saturdays and Sundays. There will be no launch service on Friday evenings until the Harbour Master is able to permit staying on board overnight, a decision which will be made well above our Paygrade!

Thus, the launch service will begin at 08-00 Saturday until 20-00 Saturday and also 08-00 Sunday morning until 20-00 Sunday evening.

The new, Usual Rules will all still apply for launch trips until the rules under which we are working change! Rest assured that your management team are watching the Government ‘Grown Ups’ like hawks. Said Grown Ups do have bigger fish to fry than us ‘yotties’ at present. Eventually, you will all be able to do as you please with your boats, and I will be able to make some sense out of the remnants of the Rally Plan for this year. It is all about the overnight stays at present. There is not a marina within our weekend range that will currently allow overnight stays, sadly!

The weather may be a hint inclement this weekend, but if you are brave enough there will be bosun about the place to take you out to your vessel, unless it gets really windy, again.


John Best
Rear Commodore Sailing

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