Beaulieu Rally Report

The week leading up to the Beaulieu rally was hot with steady F3-4s. I thought, “this looks set for a fine jaunt to Beaulieu”. And so at 1200 on Saturday we followed ‘Alisha’ over the start line, past Black Jack to start the timed passage. It’s as if the Sailing God’s knew. By 1215 it was blowing up to 30 knots, not that we knew this as Wight Magic’s anemometer had stopped working. Sadly, timed passage abandoned, we eased our sails and sailed a lively beat to the river mouth. Well done to all who braved the conditions and made it into the Beaulieu river.

After a couple of turns in the river, the wind dropped and Beaulieu became the tranquil retreat it’s well known for, and over the next couple of hours, 17 Club boats assembled, battle flags flying.

Pontoon party partied, then Barbeque barbecued. After some lighting expertise and support from Costa, the coals were hot and the cooking began. Congratulations goes to William Roche for the most unusual food to be barbecued: padron peppers!

As the embers faded and the night drew in, all returned to their yachts for a night cap, or three, and Sunday gave us a fine sail down wind and down tide.

Martin Foster (Wight Magic)
Rally Officer

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