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Car Park & Club Access

Access to and Use of the Parking facilities: The club barrier at the entrance to the car park is operated by a member’s access card or alternatively from the bar or office on request. It is against Club policy to swipe-in non members without permission. Any tailgating can be dangerous and will be treated as a serious breach of club rules.

Car Park Permits are issued to members, which show their car registration number and membership number. Permits must be displayed whilst using the car park. Members wishing to park their car for an extended period are requested to use the north end of the car park. A secure key cupboard will also be available for the safe keeping of member’s keys that are left at the club when a vehicle is parked in a location where it may need to be moved, for example if double-parking was necessary during a busy period. This cupboard will be accessible to the bar staff. Parking for guests and visitors is severely limited and is possible by previous arrangement. Temporary permits should be displayed. Members may not invite their guests to use the parking facilities.

No parking is permitted on the lawn areas, due to the unstable nature of this ground, and the potential for damage. In dry weather, and in exceptional busy periods, the Bar staff and Bosuns may contact the Commodore, to request Members are given specific permission to park near the dinghy bays, on the lawn, for short periods only.

Two spaces are allocated for disabled badge holders and may not be used by other members. A small number of parking spaces are allocated to Club officials, on account of their need to be present frequently during office hours, bar hours, evening meetings and weekend events. These spaces are in constant use and are not available to other members or visitors. Club officials are also required to display the appropriate permits.

Access to the Club: There are a number of locks which can be opened using the current club membership  access card or a key pad combination. These are:

The Front Door of the Club (Access Card);

The Rear Door of the Club (Access Card);

The Internal Access Door (Access Card);

The Parking Entrance Barrier (Access Card);

The Gate to the Prince Philip Yacht Haven (Keypad);

The electrical switch locker at the head of the slipway. (Numeric combi lock);

The Gate to Q pontoon/marina (Keypad);

The Gate out from the Car Park to the “Sin Bin” (Keys – see Bosun/Office);

and the Outboard shed (Numeric combi lock).

All members should already be provided with an Access Card. The numbers for the keypads and combination locks are communicated to members via the office. They may be periodically changed and members are expected to closely guard these numbers to prevent wide sharing with non-members.

Visitors to the club, and accommodation guests, are provided with a short term access card with limited access rights from the office.

Some areas of our Clubhouse are locked and alarmed outside of usual office and bar hours, to maintain security of the premises and it’s contents.

If you need to visit the office, please call ahead to ensure one of the team is available to meet you. The office is normally open for Members between 09.00 and 16.00 Monday to Friday.
Office phone: 023 8045 2208
Office email: office(I am sure you can figure out what goes here)


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