Clubhouse Alterations

As many of you will know the upstairs of the club is in need of some serious TLC.  In its current state it is presenting us with some health & safety and fire risk  challenges which need to be addressed.  In addition the current first floor office is not (easily) accessible for some of the membership.  Moving the office to the ground floor greatly improves access for members and provides the opportunity to renovate upstairs. The upstairs renovation allows the club to offer improved and expanded accommodation as well as implementing much of the required H&S and fire safety work. The bottom line, however, is that the additional revenue the room upgrades will bring in helps to safeguard the future of the club and minimise members costs.

To allow the office to be moved to the ground floor, it is proposed to convert the current Member’s Lounge into an office and relocate the Member’s Lounge to the Trophy Room. The benefits of this approach are:

For the office

  1. Provide a more accessible reception.
  2. Provide a friendly reception area for visitors.
  3. Provide a safer and more engaging environment for staff (they’re currently isolated upstairs which can be unsettling particularly when lone working during the winter months).
  4. Improve working conditions for staff.
  5. Allow better supervision of the clubrooms which may allow them to be open to members when the bar is not open (subject to board decision).
  6. Get rid of the various floor level safety problems of the first floor.

Forming the Member’s Lounge from part of the Trophy Room

  1. Provide a cosier environment, as it will not be exposed to the main corridor
  2. Not be an access way to an office.
  3. Enable a flexible space to be created that can either be ‘shut off’ or opened out on to the main club rooms.
  4. Enable a dedicated service area and route to be created from the kitchen to the dining areas.

On the first floor it’s proposed that the old office will be converted into a new bedroom with en-suite, the existing bedrooms will be improved converting bedroom 4 to an en-suite, the landing floor leveled and any renovations carried out.

Note that the project in this form leaves the two smaller rooms more or less alone for members use.

This is the presentation used at the Members update meeting on Thursday October 31st…

The pictures below show the proposed alterations.