Car Park & Club Access

RAF Yacht Club clubhouse
Access to and use of the parking facilities: The club barrier at the entrance to the car park is operated by a member’s access card or alternatively from the bar or office on request. It is against Club policy to swipe-in non members without permission. Any tailgating can be dangerous and will be treated as a serious breach of club rules.

Car Park Permits are issued to members, which show their car registration number and membership number. Permits must be displayed whilst using the car park. Members wishing to park their car for an extended period are requested to use the north end of the car park. A secure key cupboard will also be available for the safe keeping of member’s keys that are left at the club when a vehicle is parked in a location where it may need to be moved, for example if double-parking was necessary during a busy period. This cupboard will be accessible to the bar staff. Parking for guests and visitors is severely limited and is possible by previous arrangement and is chargeable. Temporary permits are available from the office and should be displayed when using the car park. Members may not invite their guests to use the parking facilities.

No parking is permitted on the lawn areas, due to the unstable nature of this ground, and the potential for damage. In dry weather, and in exceptionally busy periods, the Bar staff and Bosuns may contact the Commodore to request Members are given specific permission to park near the dinghy bays on the lawn for short periods only.

Two spaces are allocated for disabled badge holders and may not be used by other members. A small number of parking spaces are allocated to Club officials, on account of their need to be present frequently during office hours, bar hours, evening meetings and weekend events. These spaces are in constant use and are not available to other members or visitors. Club officials are also required to display the appropriate permits.

Access to the Club: There are a number of locks which can be opened using the current club membership access card or a key pad combination. These are:

  • Front Door of the Club (Access Card);
  • Rear Door of the Club (Access Card);
  • Internal Access Door (Access Card);
  • Parking Entrance Barrier (Access Card);
  • Gate to the Prince Philip Yacht Haven (Keypad);
  • Electrical switch locker at the head of the slipway. (Numeric combi lock);
  • Gate to Q pontoon/marina (Keypad);
  • Gate out from the Car Park to the “Sin Bin” (Keys – see Bosun/Office);
  • Outboard shed (Access Card).

All members should already be provided with an Access Card. The numbers for the keypads and combination locks are communicated to members via the office. They may be periodically changed and members are expected to closely guard these numbers to prevent wide sharing with non-members.

Visitors to the club and accommodation guests are provided with a short term access card with limited access rights from the office.

Some areas of our Clubhouse are locked and alarmed outside of usual office and bar hours to maintain security of the premises and it’s contents.

If you need to visit the office, please call ahead to ensure one of the team is available to meet you. The office is normally open for Members between 09.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday.

Office phone: 023 8045 2208
Office email: office(I am sure you can figure out what goes here)

Bar & Dining

The club stands in a large secluded site overlooking the river between the Port Hamble marina and Rope Walk, less than 5 minutes walk from the centre of Hamble. Based around an attractive Victorian house, the clubhouse was extensively developed in 2005. The club now has two bars and a large flexible function room providing for club and private meetings or events.

A terrace in front of the bar & restaurant overlooks a large lawn toward Port Hamble and the Hamble River. The internal space can be easily reconfigured to host a variety of functions on the same day. Business breakfasts, working lunches and day training sessions can all be accommodated separate to the private bar area for members.

The Club has a lounge available to members with comfortable sofas and chairs and a TV and DVD. There is a small library with various books and magazines available to members for their enjoyment when in the Club. A coin operated hot drinks vending machine is situated in the hallway, providing tea, coffee and hot chocolate for when the bar and or dining area are shut.

We welcome Children

Children are welcome in the Clubhouse and the grounds, and it’s the responsibility of parents and guardians to oversee them and ensure their safety and appropriate behaviour, so as not to disturb other members using the club. Children are also welcome in the bar and dining area but children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the bar area after 2100 hours.

Garden Games!

We have giant garden games for use by members and their families on the premises including Giant Jenga and 4-in-a-Row as well as boules and coots. Ask for them at the bar and sign the book provided to use them. Parents must supervise children while using the games at all times. Please return games to the storage box, complete and in their boxes, and keys returned signed back into the book. Loss or damages may incur a charge.


Whilst members dogs are most welcome in the Club grounds and bar area, they are not allowed in the dining rooms and are to be kept under control by the owners and kept on a lead at all times. Dogs must not be allowed to foul anywhere on the premises.

Use of Mobile Phones / Wi-Fi

Please note that the use of mobile phones and electronic devices that emit noise are not permitted in the bar or dining areas. If you must accept an incoming call please do so outside of these areas. The club does provide free-to-access wireless to members and guests. Please ask the office or bar-team for access.

Showers & Laundry

The Club has a laundry room with a large volume, coin operated, washer and separate tumble dryer. Once our house-keepers have finished cleaning the bedroom and dining room linen, these are available for use by members whilst Club staff are onsite. These machines will take a large item, such as a duvet, but they are intended for the purpose of washing clothes – not for sails please!

Members may use the showers at any time – please try to conserve water when possible, and please leave them in a clean and tidy state, and if anything needs attention, please alert the office.

Wi-Fi and Member’s PC

The Club offers free-to-access Wi-Fi networks to members and guests. Ask at the bar or office for the access codes.

To protect both the club’s Internet bandwidth and liability in the case of unlawful access it is Club policy to restrict certain categories of internet site. Consequently, you might find some sites are not accessible. If you believe a site you wish to access is being unreasonably blocked please email webmaster(I am sure you can figure out what goes here) to review this policy.

In the Club lounge we have a club computer which has internet access, for members and visitors to use.