Launch Service

The Club operates a ‘free-to-members’ launch service, run by our Bosuns on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 09.00 till 20.00 or dusk whichever is earlier. The service covers the area between Universal Boatyard and Hamble Point.

Within British Summer Time, the launch runs on Friday between 10.00 and 20.00 or dusk, whichever is earlier. There is also a ‘bookable’ a last launch service running until 21.30pm.

Members may be accompanied by their family, guests and crew.

The two launches, Gordon Mathews and John Chitson, are both contactable using the same call sign or mobile. The Bosuns can be contacted in their office at the rear of the Club or by using:

VHF Channel 77 – call sign “Spitfire”

Mobile phone using 07850 163800

Yacht Haven

The Prince Philip Yacht Haven development was opened in 2015 and provides 8 permanent/annual berths as well as 3 visitor/short-term berths. It is located immediately in front of the Club House and is accessed via a walkway with security gate.

Members may use the short-term hammerhead berth for up to two hours free, for pick up and drop off during the day. The seawall short-term berths may be booked for overnight stays via the office or via our on-line facility. Electric and water points are available.

We ask all users of the walk-ashore facility to please observe the rules put in place to ensure their safety and peaceful enjoyment of all.

Please note that the depths of water in PPYH berths 1 and 2 have been significantly reduced, making berth access and risk of grounding likely at low states of tide, springs in particular, with berth 2 most impacted. Please see diagram for estimated CD based on two sets of readings and calculated from two tidal sources. Details of calculations can be seen in PDF document – note this information is to provide an indication of likely depth and should not be used for navigation.

Launch Pontoon and Slipway

The club pontoon is available for the launching and recovery of dinghies via the all-tide slipway and the recovery of tenders on trolleys is assisted by the provision of an electric winch at the top of the jetty.

The club pontoon slipway should be kept clear for other users and the tying of tenders to the pontoon is permitted only on the south side of the pontoon, for up to two hours, and while the member is in the Club grounds.

There is a 20 minute limit on larger vessels mooring on the north side of the pontoon either to use the fresh water supply or to wait for access to the scrubbing berths.

Maintenance Bays

The Club’s two maintenance berths are a first-class facility offering an opportunity to clean off, anti-foul, or perform repairs between tides. The facility has a built in pressure washer and wash down hose, a mains electrical hook-up, an accurate tide gauge and numerous points of attachment for halyards and mooring lines. The berths are also out of the main run of tide on the river, considerably easing access.

The two bays ‘North’ and ‘South’ are suitable for vessels up 40ft/12.2m and are bookable via the web site or through the office. Owners and skippers are responsible for the safe usage of this facility according to Club guidelines. Any member using the maintenance berth is required to reserve their space. You can obtain details of the member using the berth immediately before you from the office, along with booking instructions such as timings for moving on and off the maintenance bays. Any issues should be reported to a Flag Officer or a member of staff.

Tidal Heights (Estimated). Allow for weather conditions. Scrubbing bay is at CD+2m approx although there is slope upwards towards the shore wall. The tide gauge reads to a level approximately half way up the slope.

The Royal Air Force Yacht Club will not be held liable for accidents, howsoever caused.

Time Neaps Standard Springs
-6 3.7 4.0 4.6
-5 3.6 4.1 4.7
-4 3.2 4.2 4.6
-3 2.7 4.0 4.3
-2 2.4 3.1 3.1
-1 2.3 2.1 1.4
LW 2.2 1.7 0.7
+1 2.3 2.0 1.3
+2 2.5 2.4 2.0
+3 2.8 2.5 2.2
+4 3.1 2.7 2.5
+5 3.6 3.4 3.5
+6 3.7 3.9 4.6

Terms of use of the Club Maintenance Bays

  1. The steps and the base of the dock are liable to be slippery. Hold the handrail when using the steps.
  2. The pressure washer is an industrial unit which develops more pressure than a domestic unit. Make sure you are braced before operating the trigger. Do not point the nozzle at other people. At close range the spray is powerful enough to remove paint, trackmark etc.
  3. Do not operate the pressure washer before 0600 and after 2100 Monday to Friday or 0700 and 2000 Sat and Sunday to avoid disturbance.
  4. Ensure that the boat is well secured to the piles or wall so that it cannot fall over.
  5. The booking is for the day when entering the docks, leaving on the first high water after 0700 on the following day.
  6. At neap tides it may not be possible to enter or leave the docks, you are responsible for checking the tide tables at your own risk.
  7. Please ensure that you pay before commencing work (Members & HRSC members £29, Affiliated members £69, and non members £92). Ensure that you retain your receipt as proof of payment.
  8. Please notify the office or bosuns if you have any problems. If you have any suggestions they would also be happy to receive them.
  9. Please return the dock and the equipment to a tidy state after use
  10. Please ensure that you dispose of any materials in line with environmental obligations.

Please wash your hand before and after using the jet wash.

Please download  the document below for the full set of Rules.


Maintenance Bay Information 342.67 KB 365 downloads


UKHO Warsash Tides

UKHO Southampton Tides

Club Dinghies

The Club owns a Foxer and a GP14 which are both available for members to use, having recently been refurbished by volunteer members.

They are located in the Club Dinghy Park area D, and may be booked through the office or Bar at weekends.

Please make sure you download the usage agreement which must be read, understood and signed before using either dinghy.

Please return the Dinghies in the condition you found them, store gear and report any breakages or damages to the Office/Bosun – a donation to the club to cover wear and tear would be appreciated.

We are still looking for a Volunteer to help supervise club dinghy sailing, whether young or old and help develop our next generation of members!

Disabled Access

Our Club is keen to support access to boating and to water-based activities and together with the neighbouring Club, the Royal Southern Yacht Club, can facilitate certain access – please contact our office to let us know your requests and requirements.

Terms and Conditions for Waterside Activities

Members of the Club, including temporary and affiliated members and their guests, acknowledge that when taking part in any and all waterside activities organised by the Club that is it up to them personally to assess whether any event or activity on the water is too difficult for them, and whether or not their personal safety or that of their crew could be endangered. They acknowledge that the safety of their boat and her entire management including insurance is solely their responsibility, and they are satisfied the boat and crew are adequate to face the conditions that may arise in the course of the event, and that by putting to sea they imply the suitability of their boat and the competence of skipper and crew for the expected or forecast conditions.

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