The RAFYC & Riverside House have put significant effort into making our operation COVID-Secure. This has changed the way many parts of our facilities and services are operated. Some of the changed operations affect our members and users and some affect internal operations – enhanced cleaning for example. See sections below for details of changes to operation affecting club users.

Since 22nd September, all Riverside House users must now wear a mask unless they are seated in the bar or are in their workplace

The NHS Track & Trace app was made available on Thursday 24th September, QR codes for use with this app are displayed by the entrances to Riverside House.

Using the Bar – not ‘life as we knew it’ (Updated 23rd October)

The bar re-opened on July 4th, this summarises the way that the RAFYC is implementing guidance, in England, to operate. This will not be ‘life as we knew it’ so we appreciate your assistance in making this work. That includes an element of ‘rights and responsibilities’; the club has re-instated your ‘right’ to use the bar, in return it is your responsibility to do so in a way that keeps everyone safe:

  • Bar hours are Wednesday: 16.00-19.00; Thursday: 16.00-19.00, Friday: 17.00-21.30, Saturday: 12.00-21.00 & Sunday: 12.00-18.00.

  • Initial entry to the building each day must be through the front door ensuring traceability of all accesses
    • Members should ensure they have their membership card and that it works
      • The office can advise on a method for fixing cards asynchronously
    • All those entering the Club should make use of the hand sanitiser dispenser at the front door
    • Like many other bars and restaurants we are operating a one way system through the clubhouse
      • Bar users should turn into the bar area; toilet users should carry straight through
  • There are allocated tables in the club and on the terrace with spaces on the lawn (bring your own seating etc). When you enter the bar please stop and wait at the Signing In table. You will be greeted and allocated a space as available, no pre-booking is currently in place
    • At the Signing In table you will be asked for your name, a contact number and the size of your group. You are required to provide this information, entry to the bar area will be refused if the data asked for is not given. You will be responsible for contacting your group should the need arise for Track & Trace. You will be given a number ‘tag’ to identify your group and be displayed on your table. This must be returned before you leave so that we can prepare the table for the next group.
      • See Seating allocations and movement around the club for reference. Please don’t move seating around or seat more at each table than the plan shows. This risks compromising both safe distancing and safe access routes for staff and members
      • The seating plan is designed to comply with Government guidelines as summarised below:
        • The maximum legal number at any table or in any group is now 6
        • Same household – no distancing required
        • Indoors or Outdoors: a maximum of 6 people from multiple households – maintain distancing between households
      • When visiting you should stay seated as much as possible and remain with the group you arrived with
      • These measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID19 and minimise the risk of an outbreak centered on the club which would force us to close
    • Drink and food orders will be taken at your seat, orders will NOT be taken at the bar
      • Those in the Club and on the terrace will be served their order to their table. Those on the lawn will have their order delivered to a table, shown on the diagram, adjacent to the centre steps from the terrace
      • Payment will normally be by card at the time of order delivery
        • Members may run a tab by leaving their membership card at the registration desk. The tab must be settled before that card will be returned
  • Movement through the Club must follow the flows shown in the diagram above – see Seating Allocations above…

    • Those who only want to use the toilet or check noticeboards and mail, enter at the front door and exit at the rear

    • For bar users the toilets are accessed as follows:

      • Seated in the clubhouse or terrace – use the Trophy Room door out and return by the internal corridor alongside the Riverside Bar

      • Seated on the lawn – enter the clubhouse by the front door or through the terrace doors and exit by the back door to return to your position. Please note that the ‘central’ steps onto the terrace are reserved for staff use, members should use the ‘end’ steps

  • Any bar user not complying with government guidance on distancing and grouping, as implemented in the seating plan, will be asked to comply up to 3 times. If compliance is still not met they and their party will be asked to leave. Further disciplinary action may be taken by the Club at any stage as failure to comply may jeopardise the health of members or staff (and our license).

The Board feel compelled to comply with both regulation and guidance from the UK Government, as applied and changed from time to time, in relation to the COVID pandemic. The risk assessment carried out prior re-opening the bar is here, Bar Risk Assessment, it will be reviewed regularly until restrictions are lifted.

Thank you on behalf of the directors & bar team who have put a lot of effort into making our bar & restaurant ‘COVID-Secure’ for you and our staff