Crew Registry

Looking to crew

There is almost always a boat owner looking for crew and so if you are interested you have two options. You can post your details on our Facebook Page or email them to info(I am sure you can figure out what goes here) and we’ll add them to our website listing. Please include your name, contact details and a brief summary of your experience, availability and interest. Experienced or not, Member or Non-Member, we’re always keen to hear of and encourage new crew.

Looking for crew

Similarly, if you’re a boat owner looking for crew, post your contact and boat details, crew requirements on either our Facebook page or email the office.

Crew Register postings will be listed for three months, unless previously requested to remove or extend.

Crew Available

Example: Ben Ainslie, experienced offshore racing and cruising, available most weekends. Contact M: 07836 123456 email: jbloggs (posted: 13.05.15)

Crew Required

Example: QE2, requires stoker for transatlantic cruise commencing mid-May. Contact Cunard O: 02380 12345 email: cap’n (posted 13.05.15)

The Club warns all applicant crews and skippers that in providing this list the Club is not warranting the seaworthiness of the boats or the competence of crew and skippers. Applicants should satisfy themselves as to seaworthiness and competence and should make their own insurance arrangements.