Flagstaff Trust

The Flagstaff Trust was established in 1999 by two Honorary RAFYC members, Liz and Humph Jowett. The Trust makes provision for youngsters to undertake all types of sailing, the current criteria being that they are aged below 25 years and are resident within a 25 mile radius of Hamble. Since then more than 400 young people have benefited from a variety of RYA approved courses, sbsidised by the Trust. Please Note: these criteria are under review by HRSC (August 2015).

Some years ago it was decided by the management to pass administration of the Flagstaff Trust over to the Hamble River Sailing Club. At that time the RAFYC had neither the resources nor volunteers required to enable the Trust to fulfil its purpose.

RAFYC members who fulfil the Trust’s criteria are welcome to take part in all Flagstaff Trust schemes and additionally are welcome to join in the HRSC cadet activities as part of the reciprocal arrangement between the two clubs.

The Flagstaff Trust partially funds RYA training courses for RAFYC and HRSC members who fulfil the specified criteria.

Please click the link to the RYA site or the Youth Sailing which explains the courses more fully.

Please see the HRSC website or contact Gemma Payne at the Hamble River Sailing Club (T:023 8045 2070) for further details.