Jubilee Weekend

Platinum Jubilee Treasure Hunt
Friday 3rd June 2022
Start between 10:30 – 1100 am

To give you an excuse, as if you need one, to get out on the water Bank Holiday Friday, we have cooked up a something to exercise your cerebral cortex and navigational skills, by joining your fellow members on a treasure hunt with a Royal twist around Central Solent?

The details will be provided on the day with a start on the water between 1030- 1100am, with a plan to get you all back a few hours later, or quicker depending on how you get on!

QPJ Treasure Hunt Clues

QPJ Treasure Hunt Results

QPJ Treasure Hunt Answer to Clues

Winner will be based on most correct answers; tie break will be resolved using lapsed time, trip distance and factoring boat type, all decisions at the discretion of the sailing committee and final.

Remember this is about having fun, and please consider bringing our non-boat owning members along as crew, see the crew list for who they are or meet at happy Hour.

Platinum Jubilee Timed Trial
Saturday 4th June 2022
Start window 10:30 – 11:15 am

To align with this Royal occasion this Timed Trial (renamed as we are not going on a passage!) event will introduce you to a number of the ‘Royal’ marks around the Central Solent, some that you may not have previously visited, with a finish at Coronation. Expected duration 2 1/2 – 3 hours.

QPJ Sailing Instructions – Mark List

The sailing instructions include a list of marks of the course, to help you with finding the marks you may want to download the following Solent Mark Designations – List by Zone and Central Solent Racing Chart 2022 from the SCRA website.

The objective is to enjoy the day with family and friends or even other non-boat owning club members, and then regale each other with your feats of daring do back at HRSC BBQ!

Timed Trial Results

Results of QPJ Timed Trial