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Rear Commodore Sailing

Following the resignation of Ron Colvin, who will be away travelling for some time, the Board invites applications for the role of[...]
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Success For The Club!

Success For The Club! 'What a good un!' - I am happy to advise members of the success achieved from the RAFYC stand at the boat s[...]
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Yarmouth Rally Report

Yarmouth Rally Report This year’s rally to Yarmouth was one of those classics that literally sank a pontoon with members en[...]
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Royal Yacht Squadron Rally Report

Royal Yacht Squadron Rally Report On Saturday 22nd July, 14 Boats and 29 members and guests, got thoroughly drenched on their way[...]
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Beaulieu Rally Report

Beaulieu Rally Report The week leading up to the Beaulieu rally was hot with steady F3-4s. I thought, "this looks set for a fine [...]
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Folly Rally Report

Folly Rally Report It was a good breezy sailing weekend for the Folly Rally. Of the 27 yachts entered, only three failed to show.[...]

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BoB 2017 Photo Gallery Available

BoB 2017 Photo Gallery Available

Martin Farrow has very kindly uploaded some 500+ photos that he took during the Regatta to his website and made[More]
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BoB Regatta Results 2017

With the wind from the north and going variable during the day, particularly Saturday, a challenge was set for Kathy[More]