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The following were elected to the Board at the AGM on 22 October 2016

Flag Officers:

Commodore Gail Foster                     commodore@
Vice-Commodore                                          vicecomm@
Rear-Commodore Premises

Rear-Commodore Hospitality

John Mitchell                 rcpremises@

Tina Gehring                  rch@



Rear-Commodore Sailing Ron Colvin                      rcs@
Honorary Treasurer Caroline Diffey               treasurer@
Honorary Secretary William Roche               honsec@









Non-Executive Directors:

Kevin Annis
Chris Furner
Graham Hoskins
Mike Green
David Jobson
John Mitchell
Grenville Houser
Sue Carline


The Current Property Company Directors:

John Chitson Chairman
Iain McCoubrey
Jim Cross
Carol Thompson
Peter Middleton
Steven  Jarmain
Commodore  Gail Foster

David Le Mare                                 (Immediate Past Commodore for 1 year)