The Club has a full and active Rally programme which usually begins around the Easter Weekend and ends with the ‘Frostbite’ rally at the end of November!

The rally calendar is published in the Club Annual Programme and members are updated regularly about any changes, via the website, e-newsletters and on the Club notice-boards.

Rallies are a great opportunity for sailing in company, in the Solent, and further afield, including Cherbourg. Many boat-owners look for crew to accompany them on rallies – visit the crew register to share your interest in this.

Many Rally officers will set a ‘timed passage’ course to keep us on our toes, and details are e-mailed in advance to participating rally participants. During sailing legs, keep a listening watch on Ch 77.

Rallies are usually held at weekends and members arrange to meet up more formally on the Saturday night, but frequently meet informally on Friday nights and Sundays by local arrangement. The usual programme is that after arrival on a Saturday there is Pontoon Party at 17:00 hours, convened near the hosting boat. Watch out for RAFYC battle flags nearby! Pontoon party etiquette is that you normally bring your own drinks and a plate of nibbles to share with everyone. Normally the Rally Office host arranges for us to eat out on the Saturday evening at a club, pub, restaurant or BBQ on a beach! Payment for moorings and berths is normally sorted out individually on a boat by boat basis and dinner normally paid for at the event. Occasionally arrangements are made for Safari suppers where we circulate among the various boats for drinks, starters, main courses, desserts etc. Again protocol is to bring glasses and a bottle. These social evenings are again normally coordinated by the Rally Officer. Communication is increasingly carried out by mobile phone, once in port.

The sign-up sheet for Rallies is usually opened approximately 6 weeks before-hand. You can enrol in three ways:

1. Through the web site, in due course.

2. Through the club notice board in Riverside House.

3. Call the office. 

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