Dear Members                                      
Easing out of lockdown has an element of unknown territory about it, with the Government introducing changes at short notice. I am therefore grateful to members who have shown patience and understanding for the measures we have been required to introduce in order to bring the club back into operation. Your appreciation and support is most welcome.
Bringing the club back into use involves a fair amount of additional work and planning. The Covid 19 regulations and guidance have to be understood, risk assessments carried out and then acted upon, for virtually all activities at the club. Members of the board have formed a Covid action group and will meet weekly in order to manage new requirements as the Government introduces further changes.
However, the club needs the membership to support and observe the guidance given, to employ social distancing and to help meet the hygiene and cleaning standards the club is obliged to maintain under the Covid 19 requirements.
Staff and member volunteers cannot be on hand at all times, especially at present, nor can support and supervision be provided for prolonged periods over weekends, or as often as we would wish during quieter periods. Hopefully this situation will improve as and when the club can resume normal operations and it is safe for all staff and volunteers to return. 
As members we should all act reasonably and respectfully when using the club and this has become even more important as we deal with the extra challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic.
Most members do of course act very responsibly and are often willing to lend a hand. This is always appreciated and if you wish to help meet the challenges of maintaining services to members at the club please let me know.

Enjoy the good weather and stay safe.

Kind Regards to All

Paul Oliver

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