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How To Join the Royal Air Force Yacht Club

We warmly welcome new member applications from civilian and service personnel. The main categories of membership, annual subscription fees and incidental costs are shown in the table below.

Please Click Here to fill in an online Membership Application Form.

An application form is available to download in PDF format to print here.

Our usual application process is as follows:

1. Return your application form to the Club Office.

2. You will be invited to the Club for a two-way discussion with a member of the Club’s management team.

3. We display your application on our Club notice-board for minimum of 14 days for current members to see.

4.  Our Board review all applications and you will be informed accordingly.


Category Annual Fee(2017) Notes

Single* (inport/outport) Full with proposer & seconder


See definition below for explanation of inport / outport.

Temporary single or family membership is used to gain a proposer & seconder; it has a maximum validity of 12 months.

Family* (inport/outport) Full with proposer & seconder £502/£334*
* A joining fee of £150 is normally payable when applying for these categories of membership
Inport Resident within a 75 mile radius of Club OR craft kept within UK south coast waters bounded by Selsey Bill and St Albans Head
Outport Resident outside a 75 mile radius of Club AND craft kept outside the waters defined by inport

*Direct Debit (monthly) 5% administration charge, £10 admin charge if by Card or BACS, 3% Credit Card Surcharge.

Note: Other membership categories are available. Please contact the Club Office if you live overseas for more than 6 months a year or are under 25.