Spring eSeries 2021

This link displays the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions (with thanks to HRSC). The link for the series Zoom sessions has been sent by eshot.

To participate you’ll need a login to Virtual Regatta’s inshore game service which you should be able to set up through this link, Virtual Regatta Inshore – Virtual Regatta. One of the first things I’d suggest is finding ‘Settings’ to turn off the irritating music! Its also well worth doing the Virtual Regatta training because while the actual sailing stuff should be intuitive the software controls are less so.

To get an overview of the Virtual Regatta user interface, there is material provided here – just be aware that Virtual Regatta creates its own environment within your browser on a PC so takes a little while to download each time you use it, there are also apps for both Android and iOS devices. There is a fair bit of reading and online education provided by the RYA on Virtual Regattas that’s worth a look, you can see this material here. There’s also some useful material in this link.


Races are being scored using the Sailwave tool and results will be published on thier website